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Angel to VC – Bridging the Series B Gap

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This is our first very detailed blog focusing on the Series B gap in the market with regards to why it exists and what can be done about it. We have also included some of the other challenges start-up firms will face in their early days. In our next blog, we will be focusing on some of these challenges and potential solutions to them, so stay tuned!

There has been a huge increase of investment into angel backed companies in the UK. Will they all be capable of raising the larger Series B (first VC investment) required to grow to a strong exit?

There is growing evidence that many start-ups cannot get to the requisite size on angel funding alone to be attractive to VCs and thus falter. Is there a formula for the more savvy start-ups to succeed in winning this follow-on investment?

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Angel to VC – Bridging the Series B Gap