Growth Companies

As qualified accountants and experienced corporate finance executives – White Lake assists companies optimize their operations and boost performance often ahead of an important transaction to maximize value.

Early stage

Angel to VC services – we support start-ups to early stage companies that are looking for VC capital.

1. Negotiation support and capital raising. Having set up 3 VC funds, invested in 15 others and assisted British Gas and the Environmental Technologies Fund on key investments, we can help you understand VC priorities and secure favourable terms. We can also lead capital raises.

2. Strategy, finance and governance. Unlike traditional advisors, we take a hands ­on approach, working directly within your business. We help you improve core financial and operational processes, from reporting to forecasting and build the skills of your management team.

3. Business plan review and analysis. We offer expert financial modelling and frank and constructive analysis of your business plan– helping you see potential weaknesses and prepare answers to the questions VCs will ask.

4. Contacts and introductions. Benefit from our extensive network of contacts, from investors to advisors. As fund managers responsible for $500m+ across our careers, we have strong, direct relationships with many VCs.



WhitelakeGroup-Virtual CFO 

Many early stage companies in the core development and growth stage do not need a full-time CFO or full services financial services. To make these services affordable and economical for early stage companies, we offer a Virtual CFO subscription service as a cost effective measure, using our time only when you really need strategic and transaction support.

Expansion stage

1. Transaction support, capital raising and other corporate finance transactions for portfolio companies. We prepare companies to maximize value ahead of the transaction and work with the management team to get successfully through the transaction. We are deal negotiation and valuation experts. We then assist the management team through the transaction.

2. Strategic finance support.

Focus areas:

Turnaround or operational boosting opportunities with portfolio companies – assisting CEOs both strategically and operationally to change a company in a short duration and to develop new revenue and business models to take the company into the next stage.


Turnaround/Mgmt skillset:

Expertise (Assisting CEO/CFO)

  • Setting and agreeing KPIs with Senior Management.
  • Monitoring and reacting to these weekly & monthly KPI’s to drive the business.
  • Board Reporting: Reporting directly to the board via dashboards on KPIs
  • Designing the company structure/org chart to deliver the KPIs
  • Running projects to put processes in place to improve each KPI in turn – ie. Sales & Operations Planning, Financial function improvement (new accounnting system introduction), change project management.
  • Managing turnaround projects  – restructuring, re-organisation.
  • Strategic analysis on how to integrate market trends and to make business partnerships
Growth Companies