Insight Notes

White Lake offers a full suite of outsourced private equity management on an as­you­need basis. We bring expertise and valuable insight in managing and analyzing your current holdings in funds annd private Investments as well as sourcing and executing new investments.

Expert in private investment, from early stage to mid­market and alternative fund investing – we take a hands­on approach with your investments.1. Angel investors2. Family Offices & Trusts3. Corporate VCs4. VC Funds & Funds of funds

Services across the full investment process

  • Origination and screening: We can source and screen opportunities required by clients. We act as a “magnet and screen” for sourcing the investments our clients require.
  • Negotiation and specialist structuring: We are expert at valuation and structuring to protect our client’s investment.
  • Deal management: From managing all stakeholders from origination to close.
  • Post­deal management and monitoring: We are experienced on sitting on Boards and managing investments alongside other investors.
  • Exit management: The most important deal – selling and making the return.We can do fully outsourced management or assist an in­house team in times of need around a transaction or problem solving.

Other service offerings Include

Fund Services:

  • Fund and Co­Investment Evaluation & Due Diligence – We can assist in evaluating various investment options.  Proper due diligence is at the heart of our skills.
  • Fund Investment Structuring & Execution –We can negotiate LP agreements, side letters and co­investment opportunities.
  • Current Fund Evaluation & Secondaries Pricing – White Lake can assist in fund valuation and secondary pricing.  In the market, we can either discreetly purchase or sell secondary interests on your behalf.
  • Minority Holding Management – White Lake can manage direct minority holdings and look for exits for where appropriate. We will protect investor interests in these minority positions.
  • Portfolio Cashflow Estimation – White Lake uses our in­depth experience to modelyour investments, providing you with insights on drawdowns, exits and liquidity events so that you can forecast and map your cashflows
Insight Notes